Although I spend more time designing and making music, I identify myself as a skater more than anything. Every project I work on revolves around the skate industry in one way or another. Growing up, I always looked up to skaters like Pontus Alv, Mark Gonzales, and Chris Milic, who embodied the fun and creativity in skateboarding. They inspired my imagination as a creative, my unique sense of style, and my passion for design and construction. 

My name is Leo Freese, I'm 22 years old, and I'm from Los Angeles, CA. 

I have always loved building skate spots with my friends. We used to search on google maps to find unused property, and illegally build our own skateparks there. We would use trash from construction site dumpsters and concrete from home depot to create unique experiences that you could not find at a skatepark. This DIY mentality inspired many of my designs including the RC Rail and Urban Skate Project.